Activated Charcoal and Fleur de Sel, Why Not? (Black Rocks Tidal Salt)

You've been asking so we finally did it! Black Rocks Tidal Salt is now available!!  

Black Rocks Tidal Salt is a mixture of our Fleur de Sel and activated charcoal. Why would someone do this? Activated charcoal is a trendy new food fad that we really hope sticks around. this adds a smokiness and depth of flavour to the most simple of dishes. Traditionally known as lava salt, this style was originally made in places like Cyprus, Hawaii and Iceland using volcanic ash. The modern method of using activated charcoal is now common and is the method we are using.

Add it to a hearty fish steak like tuna or halibut. Roasted veggies love this salt. 

There is also something to be said that activated charcoal is used to purify water and detoxify things. There are a list of health benefits linked with activated charcoal, but the one we love is that it reduces methane production in the body. Some farmers actually serve it to thier cows to make them less farty!!  The more you know.... :)

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