Keep it Salty, Stupid.

Colin and I like to always boil down (get it?!) any task we take on to it's most basic elements.  When I was a caterer, the most basic rules where: 1. Show up on time. 2. Don't poison anyone. 

It sounds crazy, but at the end of the day that's the essence of it. Now, to be truly great at something, there are many more steps to be taken along the way, but when we get overwhelmed with the tasks ahead, we always bring ourselves back to our centre point. 

1. Scoop Ocean 2. Boil Ocean 3. Succeed.

With such a clean and abundant resource all around us, we'd be mistaken to try and over-complicate something so naturally perfect. On days when we are brainstorming crazy new flavour combos or thinking of the next product, we always bring ourselves back to this. Are we staying true to these simple rules?  Is Nova Scotia the key ingredient?  If we can't answer "yes" to these, than we move on to the next thing. 

This week, I finished this cross stitch to hang in our office as a reminder.  In the words of my grandfather: "Keep it simple, Stupid."


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