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Sorry.... We've Been a Little busy

So my blog posts have fallen a bit behind.  My original game plan was to pre-write a bunch of posts so that when our daughter was born, I would have some time before we needed to get back at it. Well, the best laid plans......

Our little Elliot Mary was born 2 weeks early and threw a bit of a wrench in that system. Good thing we are so enamored with her!! 

3 weeks into parenthood and with the holiday season in full swing, we find ourselves a bit too busy to keep up with the blog. I will do my best to get some fun holiday recipes up here soon though!! Don't worry though, we are ramping up production and filling orders like crazy. There is even a new flavour in the mix! (Check out the Lavender Salt in our online store)

To TIDE (get it?!) you over until then, feast your eyes on this gorgeous specimen of baby-hood!!!


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  • You guys are so lucky !! She is doll and right now i think she is a mini Colin !!! Happy Holidays to you 3 , you will have the best Christmas ever and with a child they only get better !! We are having a blast trying our sample salts !!

    Terry Reynolds

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