Tidal Salt | Nous t'aimons Le Passage! (We love you Le Passage!)

When Stefan first approached us earlier this year and pitched the idea of a sea salt-based beer featuring our small batch Tidal Salt Fleur de Sel, we were hesitant. Not because of any worry about Keith's. We've always been a big fan of the company and whenever we found ourselves living somewhere outside of Canada, there was always a bottle of two of Keith's IPA stashed away in case of emergency.

No, we were hesitant because we're a tiny little company and the idea of having a regular order for our product each month was frankly a bit intimidating. The last thing we want to do with any business relationship is make a promise that we can't stick to! But sometimes you just have to take a leap. And so we did, we shook hands with Stefan and set to work making the best possible version of our Fleur de Sel. It was a leap worth taking, not only have we helped to make an incredible product with a beloved brand, but the whole process has given us the confidence to grow our business in new ways!

It only occurred to us when we had those first sips of Le Passage that our faith and hard work had been carried over to the Keith's Brewery where they put their own special brand of care into making this traditional German sour wheat ale. It's been incredible!

Then the day came that we were notified Le Passage was officially on sale, first at the Brewery in downtown Halifax and then across the Maritimes. We've always been proud when we see our sea salt on store shelves, but to see our logo on the same can as an iconic Nova Scotian brand is another level of sublime.

We hope you enjoy every drop of Keith's Le Passage, from the moment we suit up to go wrangle some saltwater to the placement of each can on store shelves, Le Passage is a tribute to the culture, land and flavours of our home here in Nova Scotia (and Eastern Passage and Dartmouth in particular)!


Audrey, Colin and Elliot Duggan

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