Top 5 Wedding Favor Don'ts As Brought to You by WeddingWire!....Do yourself a favor and avoid #3

The great folks over at Wedding Wire Canada had a great post recently about things to avoid when planning and purchasing your wedding favors. 

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Here is the link.

But here is what they had to say: 

Don’t put off buying them
A rookie mistake that you definitely don’t want to make is waiting too long to purchase your wedding favours. You should start shopping as soon as possible to make your life easier during crunch time. If you’re prone to procrastinating, you can put it off until about two months in advance of your wedding, but no later. Waiting longer will only increase your chances of running into problems with your order, so step up and get the job done!

Don’t overspend
Even though you want to treat your guests to some adorable pint-sized presents, you shouldn’t break the bank. Wedding favours aren’t the only gifts you’ll need to purchase - there’s still welcome baskets, wedding party gifts and thank-you gifts - so don’t invest too much money in them. Keep in mind that your presents (yes, all of them together) should eat up about 1% of your overall budget. If you need help cutting costs, read this.

Don’t DIY (if you’ve invited hundreds of guests)
You’ve probably spent months scrolling through Pinterest looking for the perfect wedding favours for your big day - but don’t be fooled, some crafts can be super time consuming (and difficult!). If you’ve got a lengthy guests list you probably want to leave your favours to the pros, DIYing hundreds of favours is a huge burden and you don’t want to be hot glue gunning at the eleventh hour

Don’t slack on wrapping
You can make even the most budget-friendly favours look expensive with the right packaging, so take your time when it comes to wrapping them up. Find adorable bows, cellophane bags and boxes to make them look extra Instagram-worthy. Pro tip: many companies will package your favours for you for an additional fee, so if it works with your budget, go ahead and make the splurge.

Don’t forget to purchase extra
It’s better to be safe than sorry! Order a handful of extra favours so that if any go MIA or get scuffed up in transit, you have backup. Just be mindful of exactly how many bonus favours you’re ordering, you don’t want to be left with fifty extra bags of seeds or s’mores kits (though I’m sure none of your guests would say no to taking home two)


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