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Many of our salt-nerd friends out there may not know of Audrey’s (Tidal Salt) career past.

Our founder, Colin, has been very open about his past, but until now, Audrey has remained relatively silent with what she brings to the team (maybe it’s been all the salt harvesting, hauling, baby growing, birthing, child rearing, and immigrating of the last 2 years - Hmmm).

So here I am, folks!!

We’ve alluded to my past as a chef, but did you know my specialty was catering? Weddings, in fact - LOTS of weddings! In planning wedding menus over the years, I've slowly taken on more and more of the planning process until I was providing full details. I've helped cater my first wedding at the age of 14 never expecting what it would turn into. Now I’m 35 with literally hundreds of weddings behind me.



Now that I’m a salt maker, I’ve got to figure out how to tie it into weddings!!! Of course, we offer a BEAUTIFUL selection of favours, see this previous blog post, but have you ever heard of the Salt Ceremony or Covenant of Salt?

Salt and weddings have a long history. Offerings of precious salt were common in early days. The Old Testament makes several references to salt in wedding ceremonies.  Being such a valuable commodity, it was often seen in dowry offerings and even in the ceremony itself.

Now, I’m not a religious expert by any means, so don’t expect any Bible verses from me here. BUT I can tell you that I have seen salt utilized two ways in wedding ceremonies.

  • The bride and groom pour salt from two different vessels into one vessel to symbolize the joining of their families and lives. This is basically a carbon copy of the sand ceremony we have seen before. BUT THIS ONE IS WAAAAY BETTER!! The way it goes is that throughout the year, the couple can season the food they make as a family together with the salt from their ceremony. It’s supposed to be a daily reminder of their vows. In my opinion, this is way more interesting and meaningful than a jar of coloured sand you feel too guilty to throw away….

  • We have also seen couples feed each other a pinch of salt over a prayer during the ceremony to seal their union with the Covenant of Salt.

Both are such beautiful ideas and over here at Tidal Salt, we would argue that our salt is the BEST option for any Nova Scotian couple in a very Maritime, Atlantic Canadian fashion.

Are you getting married far from home but want to take a piece with you? Bring a jar of our Salt!! For the cross-country couple, might we suggest mixing our salt and that of Vancouver Island Salt Co.?

Just a thought!!!

Contact Audrey today to talk weddings and salt!!!

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