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December Production Update

So here's where we are at. Batch 140 has been packed up and shipped out to our online customers and retailers, considering the scale of the damage from Hurricane Fiona, it's amazing that we got the batch out over that last two months, it's been a struggle!

Batch 141 is just about finished crystalizing and we expect to be packing it up and shipping it later next week. All online orders placed since October 9th will be included in this batch.

Batch 142 started last week as we tested out our new pumping system. The test went well although I'm still working to learn how to use it efficiently and troubleshoot issues as they pop up.

You'll notice that much of the website inventory is marked as 'Sold Out', this is because we are focusing on filling retail and corporate orders. There's still a lot of post-hurricane catchup work to do! Thank you to everyone for their patience as we continue to crank out orders.

Starting in 2023, we'll be switching to the new batch system for our inventory, releasing inventory to the website as it's available. This will allow us to focus on keeping our retailers stocked while also reducing the shipping time for online orders from two weeks or so to a few days.

So if you're looking for Tidal Salt for Christmas, check out our retailers! If you're a retailer looking for product before Christmas, you may be out of luck however we are definitely taking orders for delivery in the new year!

Hope all is well with you, and happy holidays!

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