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Hurricane Fiona

As we produce our products, we have two beach locations here in Antigonish that we frequent. Those two spots are near and dear to our hearts. I remember long summer days at both of them while growing up. Campouts, beach volleyball and, more recently, walks with my daughter looking for driftwood and beach glass.

Hurricane Fiona hit those two beaches hard, with the storm surge shoving rocks, sand and driftwood much further than I've ever seen it in this area. The area in the photo here used to be a road, which collapsed into the sea.

Neither beach location is accessible to use for saltwater collection anytime soon. Hopefully as the area continues to recover, they will be restored to something close to what was there before.

It creates some big complications for us, but we'll adapt, we always do. One thing is for sure, that hurricane showcased just what the ocean and the winds are capable of.

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