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January 2024 Update

Happy New Year!

We're busy preparing for tomorrow's meatball toss but I wanted to stop by and provide an update to start the year off right! We are just about done with Batch 152, it's crystalizing quite well and we're going to try out a new drying method that should help preserve the crystals a little better without slowing down the overall process.

You'll notice some changes on the website. There's a lot going on behind the scenes. Since we moved from Dartmouth to Antigonish in late 2021, we've been playing catchup and getting ourselves adapted to our new lives here in Town. Much of the last two years have been spent catching up on everything from salt production to our overall business plan.

As of the end of our Christmas shipping, we are officially all caught up. We're closing the door on two years of producing salt to catch up on delayed orders. It's been months and months of hard work and it's finally paying off!

So, starting tomorrow we're making some changes. Salt farming is a time intensive process so we're changing to reflect that. We are setting up four "shipping windows" (Late March, Late June, Late September and Early December). Orders placed on the website and from our retailers will be shipped during those windows. This allows us to better plan out the amount of salt we are producing which will in turn enable us to produce a better quality product.

Of course, the world doesn't work on strict timelines, so if you need an order by a specific date, please reach out and let us know! We always have some salt on hand so we can accommodate your needs.

Over the next few weeks, you'll see some new products released. We are officially launching our subscription box, the Highland Harvest Quarterly. Pre-orders for that subscription will be available soon! We're also experimenting with a few new flavours, expect to hear more about our Furikake and Fleur de Sel Seasoning and our "Martian Salt" quite soon!

As always, reach out, we're excited for the coming year and have lots in store!

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