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November Production Update

Production has been slow going as we recover from the effects of Hurricane Fiona and from some short term supply shortages. Here's where we are at:

Batch 140 (A3 "Fiona", collected in September a few hours before the hurricane landed) is in the final process of being packaged and shipped out. This will cover all online orders placed before November 1st and a restock for two of our retailers.

Batch 141 (A4 "Canada", collected in October) is currently crystalizing and we expect it to ship sometime late next week going both to our retailers and to online orders placed before November 15th.

Batch 142 (A5 "Artemis", will start today, we're trying out a new pump for water collection that should help us speed up production a bit.

We are looking at moving to a new inventory system where we release products to the website in batches, this will allow us to ship orders much faster and give customers a sense of the unique nature of each batch.

We are about to launch a new gift box, this box will showcase for our Smoked Fleur de Sel. Stay tuned for more details!

If you are looking to place and order for Christmas, please know that our deadline is December 1st. There's not much time left!

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