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The Secret Ingredient for the Perfect Cup of Coffee: Salt

Do you want to elevate your morning cup of coffee to the next level? Look no further than your pantry and grab a pinch of Tidal Salt Fleur de Sel. That's right, adding sea salt to your coffee grounds can enhance the flavor profile of your morning brew.

At Tidal Salt, we believe that salt is more than just a seasoning. It's an ingredient that can bring out the best in any dish, including coffee. Here's how:

  1. Reduces Bitterness: Salt helps to reduce the bitterness in coffee, which can be caused by over-extraction during brewing or low-quality coffee beans.

  2. Enhances Flavor: A pinch of salt can enhance the natural flavors of your coffee beans, making for a more well-rounded and enjoyable cup of coffee.

  3. Balances Acidity: Salt can help to balance the acidity in coffee, making it smoother and less harsh on your stomach.

  4. Adds Complexity: Just like with cooking, adding salt to coffee can add a layer of complexity to the flavor profile, making for a more interesting and enjoyable cup of coffee.

But how much Tidal Salt Fleur de Sel should you add to your coffee? It really depends on your personal taste preferences, but we recommend starting with a pinch (about 1/8 teaspoon) for every 6 tablespoons of coffee grounds. You can always adjust from there until you find your perfect balance.

We've taken our love for salt and coffee to the next level by creating our own unique blend of salt infused with vanilla. Our Tidal Salt Vanilla Fleur de Sel can be used to enhance the flavors of your morning coffee, giving it a subtle hint of sweetness and a delicious vanilla aroma.

So, the next time you're brewing a cup of coffee, don't forget to reach for the salt and try our Tidal Salt Vanilla Sea Salt for a truly unique and delicious coffee experience.

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