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Tidal Salt on CBC's Land and Sea!

Happy New Year!

So this will be quick, I think we all get enough emails this time of year and I don’t want to add to your inbox for no reason. But this is a good reason!

Back in 2020 we worked with a film crew from CBC and filmed a series of segments for their long running show, Land and Sea. Growing up in Nova Scotia, I’ve always seen Land and Sea as a running historical record of our culture and community here in the Maritimes.

So when our episode aired just before Christmas, I was more than honoured to be included. The episode details the connection that the Maritimes have to salt, something that permeates so much of our lives here.

Anyway, here’s a clip to some portions of the episode that feature our family and business: Tidal Salt on Land and Sea

For the full episode, head over to CBC Gem (link here). You’ll need to sign in, but it’s free to watch!

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