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Cheticamp Campfire Pack - Smoked & Black Rocks

Cheticamp Campfire Pack - Smoked & Black Rocks

SKU: TDP-011

Introducing the Cheticamp Campfire Combo, a pairing that captures the wild heart of Atlantic Canada. Inspired by the rugged coastal beauty of Cheticamp, this combination pack features the complexity of Tidal Salt Black Rocks, paired with the hearty of Tidal Salt Smoked. Together, they evoke the comforting warmth of a campfire by the Atlantic shore. Experience the raw, natural flavors that embody the resilient spirit of our region.

Tidal Salt Smoked Fleur de Sel

Immerse yourself in the rustic aroma of Ontario Beech, Alder, and New York applewood with our Smoked Fleur de Sel. The smoked combination of these woods yields a rich, rustic flavor that evokes memories of childhood campfires. It's perfect for adding a smoky flavor to corn on the cob, hamburgers, fresh ripe tomatoes, roasted marshmallows, or any vegan dish. Enhance your meals with the warmth of the wood-fired aroma. Dive in and #TasteTheTides!

Tidal Salt Black Rocks Fleur de Sel

Elevate your dishes with the intriguing depth of Tidal Salt Black Rocks Fleur de Sel. Our unique take on traditional "lava salt" infuses pyramid-shaped crystals of activated charcoal with sea salt, creating a marriage of smoky undertones and umami-rich flavors that enhance the essence of your favorite foods. Dive in and #TasteTheTides!