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Discovery Box & Vanilla Fleur de Sel

Discovery Box & Vanilla Fleur de Sel

SKU: TCP-011

Discover the essence of Nova Scotia with our signature Tidal Salt Coastal Combo. This exclusive package brings together the best of the Nova Scotian seacoast, ensuring every meal is an unforgettable culinary journey.


Discovery Box: Delight in the diverse palette of our region with five 10g jars:

  • Maple: A harmonious blend of our Fleur de Sel with authentic Nova Scotian maple sugar, encapsulating a salty-sweet symphony.
  • Fire: Elevate your dishes with a spicy flair, combining our Fleur de Sel with locally-sourced smoked chilli peppers.
  • Smoked: Immerse yourself in the rustic aroma of Ontario Beech, Alder, and New York applewood, reminiscent of a classic barbecue evening.
  • Lime: A zesty pinch to bring summer to your plate all year round.
  • Coffee: Experience the richness of Java Blend coffee, a Halifax staple since 1938, in every bite.


Vanilla Fleur de Sel

Indulge yourself with Tidal Salt Vanilla. Infused with the rich, warm flavor of natural vanilla, this gourmet salt is the perfect finishing touch for your favorite dishes. Sprinkle it on fruit, desserts, or baked goods for a touch of sweetness that will elevate the taste of your creations. But this versatile seasoning isn't just for sweets – try it on roasted vegetables, grilled meats, ice cream, or as a rim for your favorite cocktails. Dive in and #TasteTheTides!