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Furikake Infused Fleur de Sel Seasoning (50g/1.76oz)

Furikake Infused Fleur de Sel Seasoning (50g/1.76oz)

SKU: TDS-015
1 Gram

Launching in our March 2024 Shipping Window, place your orders now as we launch our very special Furikake Infused Fleur de Sel Seasoning! Details to follow over the next few weeks, this one is fun!

Expected to ship March 1st, 2024
  • Shipping Policy

    Tidal Salt production is a lot like that of wine production, just on a smaller scale. This means that orders can take 4-6 weeks to ship depending on when the order is placed. We take the time to let physics and chemistry help us produce the best possible product. If you look at the main page of our website you'll see the next projected date for orders to ship out!

    If you require your order sooner than the shipping window, please drop us a line at and we'll do what we can to accomodate your needs!

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